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Adam Parisi

Adam Parisi: sleight of hand artist, children’s magician, stand up comic, balloon sculptor and all-around nice guy. Adam wanted to be a riverboat gambler when he was 8 years old. No Lie. But seeing as that had not been a profession since the 1800's he had to find something else to do with all the cool card tricks and flourishes he had learned. Adam combines comedy and sleight of hand into one of the most unique and incredible shows you have ever seen. Often regarded as one of New England’s top card magicians Adam strives to make the impossible possible. You can find him performing all across CT, New York, and Mass. Adam Parisi is a proud member of the Society of American Magicians (S.A.M) assembly 127. Adam Parisi was award first place in the 2017 Closeup Champion in the New England Magic Competition. 

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